Dr. Shabir Ally offers an Islamic perspective on the WE Charity controversy. We Charity (formerly Free the Children) was given a $43.53 million contract by the #Canadian government earlier this year to run the #Canada Student Service Grant (student volunteer grant program). The contract was canceled after it was revealed that there were ties between the organization and Prime Minister Justin #Trudeau’s family as well as then Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s family. Shortly afterwards, the founders Craig and Mark Kielburger announced the closure of WE Charity’s Canadian operations. Dr. Shabir explains what we can learn from this controversy and how we should move forward. He also urges Canadians not to give up on Canadian charities, as they are struggling with diminished funds during COVID. You can support the efforts of Let the Quran Speak during the pandemic by visiting our website http://www.quranspeaks.com/ We are a charitable non-profit here to serve you.

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