Oceanic Circularities: The Indian Ocean in the Modern World Conference

Georgetown University in Qatar brought together leading scholars from over 30 leading universities and institutions from around the world February 16-18 to take part in GU-Q’s Annual Faculty Conference. The multidisciplinary gathering of experts spent three days exploring “Oceanic Circularities: The Indian Ocean in the Modern World,” on the diverse cultural, economic, and historical ties between the Gulf region, Asia, and Africa.

Day 2, AM Session
Monday, February 17, 2020

Panel 5: Oman and the Swahili Coast
Chair: Rogaia Abusharaf, GU-Q

Nicholas Roberts, University of Notre Dame
“They Never Thought a Yankee Could Do So”: Sayyid Saʿīd and the Anglo-American Rivalry in the Western Indian Ocean, 1800-1856

Nate Matthew, State University of New York, Binghamton
The Role of Diasporic Political Ideas from Zanzibar in the Omani
Renaissance, 1970-Present

Courtney Freer, London School of Economics
Persistence of the Umma or Vestiges of Empire? Exploring Pathways of Ibadi Transnationalism from Oman

Panel 6: East-West Connections
Chair: Sami Hermez, NUQatar

Hideaki Suzuki, National Ethnographic Museum, Osaka
In Between Japan and Africa: Or, Indian Ocean World in Japanese

Mahmood Kooria, Leiden University
Mobile Kins, Immobile Kinds: A Connected History of Matrilineal
Muslims in the Oceanic Littoral

Esha Sil, University of Helsinki
Towards a Polyvocal Transoceanic Memory: Antony Firingi,
Henry Derozio, and Creole Bengal

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