Georgetown University in Qatar brought together leading scholars from over 30 leading universities and institutions from around the world February 16-18 to take part in GU-Q’s Annual Faculty Conference. The multidisciplinary gathering of experts spent three days exploring “Oceanic Circularities: The Indian Ocean in the Modern World,” on the diverse cultural, economic, and historical ties between the Gulf region, Asia, and Africa.

Day 3, AM Session
Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Panel 8: Inter-Species Circularities
Chair: Fahad Bishara, University of Virginia

Mapule Mohulatsi, University of the Witwatersrand
Eating the Indian Ocean: Metabolic Intimacies, Fish Diasporas
and the Deep Ocean

Tamara Fernando, Cambridge University
Of Molluscs and Men: Migrant Pearl Divers in the Indian Ocean

Beatrice Nicolini, Catholic University, Milan
The “Kakatua Dancing”: Multiple Presences and Expansions in the
Indian Ocean

Nazry Bahrawi, Singapore Institute of Technology and Design
Beasts of the Indian Ocean: The Arab-Malay Poetics of Hikayat Kalilah dan Dimnah

Panel 9: Moving Images
Chair: Negar Taymoorzadeh, New York University

Kaveh Askari, Michigan State University
Was Film Noir Shaped by the Indian Ocean in the 1950s?

Pamila Gupta, University of the Witwatersrand
Moving Still: Bicycles in Ranchhod Oza’s Photographs of 1950s
Stone Town (Zanzibar)

Samhita Sunya, University of Virginia
Changing Winds: Oman TV, Indian (Ocean) Films, and Piracy, 1974-1984

Firat Oruc, GU-Q
On the Shore: Indian Ocean Littoral Life in Film

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