???? Welcome to our Critical Analysis Session within the Islamic Messaging System (IMS) framework, where we delve deeper into “Arguments and Fallacies -Part 2.” ???? In this session, we unravel the intricacies of logical fallacies and equip you with the tools to spot and address them effectively.

In this enlightening discussion, we explore various types of fallacies, including Hasty Generalization, Appeal to Tradition, and Red Herring, shedding light on their deceptive nature and potential impact on reasoning.

Join us as we dissect real-life examples and provide insights into how to identify these fallacies in everyday discourse. From understanding the pitfalls of hasty generalization to recognizing the allure of appeals to tradition, we empower you to navigate through flawed arguments with clarity and precision. ????

Throughout the session, we emphasize the importance of critical thinking and logical reasoning in evaluating arguments and fostering informed dialogue. ????

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⏰ Timestamps:
0:00 – Overview of Session
0:41 – Recap of Arguments
08:04 – Reasoning Errors
10:19 – How To Spot A Logical Fallacy?
14:46 – Hasty Generalisation
16:10 – Appeal to Tradition
17:31 – Begging the Question
18:31 – Red Herring
19:53 – Case Study Examples
36:29 – Conclusion
38:24 – Q & A



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