Dr. Israr Ahmad

Bayan-ul-Quran is a series of lectures based on the exposition of the Holy Quran delivered by the eminent religious scholar Dr. Israr Ahmed, who spent forty years of his life actively engaged in reviving the true spirit of Islam. He presented the Quran-Centered Islamic philosophy and worldview, with the ultimate objective of establishing a genuine Islamic State. Bayan-ul-Quran has been listened to globally and appreciated by public and scholars for its intellectual and reality-centric approach towards the understanding of the Holy Quran. We hope these lectures will help you understand the teaching of the Quran with more precision and clarity, and this humble service of Islam will help Dr. Israr Ahmed to get loftier ranks in the Hereafter. Aameen!

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Quran Academy 36-K Model Town Lahore Pakistan
Phone: 92-42-35869501, 92-42-35869503

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Dr. Israr Ahmad

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