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This narrative explores a series of crucial diplomatic and strategic efforts during a tense period in early Islamic history. Multiple attempts at negotiation by Budain from Khuzara, Orwa from Ta’if, and Khirash Khuzari from Madinah failed to resolve the conflict with the Quraysh. Hunais, respected for his reverence for the Ka’bah, attempted mediation by acknowledging the Muslims’ sacrificial animals, but his efforts were dismissed by the Quraysh, leading to a political fallout. In a critical diplomatic move, Umar was initially considered but cautioned against negotiating due to potential violence. Instead, Uthman, with his familial ties to Abu Sufyan, was chosen. His mission resulted in his detainment, sparking concerns among the Muslims. This led to the significant Bay’ah (Pledge of Allegiance) under the tree, where Muslims, upon hearing rumors of Uthman’s death, committed to avenging him, symbolizing their unwavering unity and readiness for potential conflict.


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