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In this episode of Lives of The Khulafaa, Shaykh Dr Yasir Qadhi covers the life of Talha Ibn Ubaydullah, who is one of the ten ‘Ashara Mubashara’ (10 Promised Paradise). He starts off with an explanation of the concept of ‘Ashara Mubashara’ and the evidence behind it.

Talha Ibn has received multiple blessings from Allah(SWT). Firstly, he is from the ten that has been promised paradise. Secondly, he is of the first tenth to convert to Islam, he was in face the eight person to convert. Thirdly, he is one of the famous five who converted at the hands of Abu Bakr As Siddiq. So Allah(SWT) blessed Abu Bakr to bring five of the best Sahaba of the Prophet(S) to Islam, and Talha was one of them.

It was mentioned in a Hadith that one day, people were suffering from hunger due to a severe drought, Talah was so generous that he slaughtered a camel when they most needed it. During that time, camels were so precious and wouldn’t be slaughtered unless a very special occasion. He in fact dug a well to find water for the Prophet(S), and then invited him for a feast as they are hungry during that time. So the Prophet(S) said to him: “Talha Al-Fayyad” (Talha, the one who is overflowing with generosity) This was then one of his nicknames, and during his life, we will see how generous of a person he was.

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Presentation Details: September 21, 2016 @ Memphis Islamic Center

In this series, Lives of The Khulafaa, Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi discusses the lives of the noble companions, some of the greatest and most blessed human beings to ever live after the death of Prophet Muhammad [S].

While not a comprehensive history of the Khulafa Ar-Rashidoon, this series will provide a summarized biography of the men and women considered to be the Sahaba (Companions of the Prophet[S]), including the Mothers of the Believers (The Wives of the Prophet).

Location: Memphis Islamic Center

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