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La Sirah du Prophète Muhammad(S): Le Début de la Période Médinoise – Ep 30

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Il n'y a jamais eu un être humain aussi respecté, aimé et suivi que Muhammad (PBUH), le dernier Messager d'Allah.

Jumuah Prayer – The Fiqh of Salah: Episode 22 | Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi

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This series was originally recorded in 2013. Though, this is the first time it is being launched on Shaykh Dr.

Let Them Rejoice #Shorts

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Ibn Abbas mentioned that Allah's blessings on us is the Quran, and His mercy is the Prophet (SAW) Full Video Link:

Truth about the Evil Eye: Seeking protection against al-’Ayn – Yasir Qadhi | February 2011

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To many people the 'Evil Eye' is just superstitious beliefs and fabricated myths of old... to others it's an excuse

Lives of the Khulafaa (9): Abu Bakr al-Siddiq – Death of Abu Bakr & Selection of Umar (Part 9)

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When the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) departed this earth the Ummah was in great turmoil and distress, at

Seerah of Prophet Muhammad 57 – The Battle of Khandaq/Ahzab – Dr. Yasir Qadhi | 17th April 2013

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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi gives a detailed analysis of the life of Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) from the original

Khuṭbah: The Divine Test of Life | Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi

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The Story of Ḥāṭib b. Abī Balta’ah and Scholarly Differences From It | Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi

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Muslims Celebrating Christmas – Love for Jesus & Mary ~ Dr. Yasir Qadhi

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As Muslims our faith teaches us to respect all individuals no matter what their faith and beliefs be. We are

Islam in America: Future Opportunities and Threats | Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi

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