Welcome to the IMS Orientation Session for New Team Leaders! In this session, we provide a comprehensive overview of the mission, vision, and structure of the Islamic Messaging System (IMS), along with updates on our website –

Mission and Vision: We aim to familiarize new team leaders with the core values and objectives of IMS.

Roles and Responsibilities: We highlight the roles and responsibilities of team leaders and their pivotal role in driving our mission forward.

New Updates: Additionally, we have introduced new upgrades to our website,, which will serve as a central platform for accessing resources, and connecting with fellow members of the IMS community. Through its user-friendly interface and diverse features, the website serves as a hub for collaboration, learning, and engagement.

Whether you’re a volunteer or just stepping into the IMS community, this session is tailor-made for YOU! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect, learn, and grow together.

We invite you to explore and immerse yourself in the vibrant IMS community.

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0:00 Agenda and Upgrades
1:30 IMS Website
2:50 IMS Structure
8:40 Tasks Creation and Workflow
12:20 Discussion Forum
19:18 IMS Tasks
22:50 IMS Updates
28:43 IMS Archives
29:18 Pool of Experts
30:05 FAQs
31:49 QnA



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