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Ancient Iran, historically known as Persia, was the dominant nation of western Asia for over twelve centuries, with three successive native dynasties—the Achaemenid, the Parthian, and the Sasanian—controlling an empire of unprecedented size and complexity. In 550 BC Cyrus the great became king of Persia. Over the next 40 years the Persians brought one region after another under their control. Persian kings treated the groups they conquered with fairness and respect. They allowed conquered peoples to follow their local customs. In 522 BC Darius the great became king. During his rule the Persian Empire grew to its greatest size and power. In 330 BC, the Macedonian king Alexander the Great led his army into Asia and conquered the Achaemenid Empire, establishing Greek control over the region for more than two centuries. Today With a mostly Persian-ethnic population of almost 90 million, Officially an Islamic republic, Iran has a Muslim-majority population.

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Islamic Guidance

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